Dice and Games

As well as wholesale, we are able to produce dice and games products.

Working with both small independents to large-name gaming companies, we can help you manufacture, produce and publish your game.

Our background has seen us work in companies such as dice and games, hobby games and most recently our acquisition of eM4.


So What Do We Do

  • Production of Dice and Game Components
  • Production of Plastic Injection Moulds for game components
  • Production of White Metal Moulds & Figures
  • Production of Resin Moulds & Figures
  • Production of mould inserts with your dice design
  • Laser Engraved Dice
  • Printing Artwork on a Dice
  • Multi Colour Dice
  • Displays & Packaging


Let's Discuss Your Project More

You can order online direct from our B2B catalogue or if you are looking for bespoke products for your game/project, please contact us below.


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